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In todays world you have to be geared up to educate yourself about developments among the standards organizations. E-learning standards are constantly evolving. We at Unique and Creative make learning interesting, interactive and fun through our E-Learning programme. With the right blend of content (instruction) and cutting-edge technologies we offer you the best and creative e-learning solutions.

Whether it is Computer Based Training (CBT), Web Based Training (WBT) or Learning Management System (LMS), our tailor made E-learning solutions will suit your specific requirements and you could led either instructor bases course or on CD-ROM or Internet or a mix of different modes of training.

E-Learning services from Unique and Creative in CBT and WBT create a virtual classroom like effect which makes learning much more interactive, recurring and diligent. With graphic visuals and voice over to match, along with an interactive interface adds to the learning process.

There are very few e-learning providers with necessary infrastructure and expertise. However, organizations whether offshore or onshore can derive enormous benefits out of e-learning programme and gain enormous benefits from this exciting learning medium.

Unique and Creative's E-learning solutions from India include developing WBT's and CBT's for Corporate

Contact us to know more about the work we have done and for further details on our E-Learning Services.

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To be perfectly honest, I have never experienced anything like what it has been like to work with Unique&Creative. In Today's world of parasite software developers waiting to take your money rather than build your dream, Development India are a breath of fresh mountain air.

Nikhil Munjal