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Web Data Mining

Web data mining aims to find useful and relevant information or knowledge from the Web structure, content and usage logs. Based on the kind of data used for the data mining process, Web data mining task is classified into Web structure, Web content and Web usage data mining and further classified as standard data mining, data verification and custom data mining.

Data mining uses certain algorithms and software to collect, analyze and report information from a huge pool of information. The data is used for decision making relating to direct marketing, e-commerce, customer relationship management, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services and many more.

As a need of business, Web Data Mining is growing rapidly in research area and has become a common practice in past few years. Many business establishments look for Spider Scripts to Data Mine and gather relevant data with fast and accuracy. We at Uniqueamp;&Creative create scripts to automate data mining of complex, highly scalable systems involving multiple levels and complex databases. We have successfully used these scripts and techniques to in many business sectors like credit card, telecoms, online retail and many others.

Unique and Creative have been doing data mining based on spiders for many years. We have the experience to know the behavior of a spider and to get your data reliably, accurately, and quickly from any number of websites.

We provide data mining services for any business sector apart from the following users:

  • Web hosting & Web Design companies looking for clients
  • E-Marketing Companies
  • Companies looking for specific products/suppliers
  • Publishers of Books, Magazines etc.
  • Health and Insurance
  • Manufacturers
  • Travel Agencies

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To be perfectly honest, I have never experienced anything like what it has been like to work with Unique&Creative. In Today's world of parasite software developers waiting to take your money rather than build your dream, Development India are a breath of fresh mountain air.

Nikhil Munjal